Aggie's Candles

Aggie's Candles

Let's talk about one of our favorite and bestselling products: Aggie's Soy Wax Candles. These candles are AMAZING! They have quickly become a favorite in our store and there are so many reasons why. Aggie's Candles are made with soy wax, have a genuine cotton wick, and they use quality fragrances and essential oils in all their candles. No questionable items in these candles! Did I mention there are hand poured as well and made right here in Oregon?!? They burn for almost 50 hours (Aggie's recommend burning each candle for 2-4 hours at a time and trimming the wick before lighting each time) so they last a good long while. 

Each flavor of Aggie's Candle has such a wonderful lasting smell all the way to the end. We love all the scents, however our favorite right now is the Timber. It has such a warm, rich scent that smells like a fresh forest. The Sweet Orange comes in a close second with it's sweet, happy scent that we just fall in love with every time we burn it. 

Here at Fleurs De La Vie Home Decor we carry a variety of Aggie's products for your every need, both in store and online (HERE). We carry:

*7.5 oz. jars  ($17.95)
*12.7 oz. jars  ($26.95)
*4 oz. travel tin - limited scents ($10.95)
*Melting Tarts - limited scents  ($6.95) 


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