Women in Business Workshop 2019

Women in Business Workshop 2019

Last night we were honored to host our first "Women in Business" workshop with the Chamber of Commerce. I have been a chamber member for 2 years now and I LOVE how supportive they are in the community.  

About 30 women of local businesses came out and made succulent pumpkin arrangements for fall!  We hosted this here at our shop in McMinnville and people loved it!  Everyone made an adorable pumpkin or arrangement and they all looked so pretty! I loved seeing all the ladies getting creative and enjoying each others company. 

This is my first brick n mortar shop and I have to say...  I am thrilled, excited and humbled of how this community supports each other. I started this business not knowing what it all entailed but, I am finding more friendships, loyal customers and some of best friends I could ever have doing this.   I am so glad I got out of my comfort zone and decided to put myself out there front and center.  

I wanted to personally send special thanks to Holly and Rhonda and all the chamber members who put this event together.  You guys are wonderful and we appreciate all your hard work! Until next time.. much love!


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